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International Students: Which Canadian university is best for you?

A vast country with diverse cities, Canada has many world-renowned universities. Here are a few ways to pick the one that will be right for you!

Why choose Canada

Canada is welcoming more international students than ever before. The relative ease of obtaining a study permit, affordable tuition, and attitude towards newcomers are all factors pushing more students to choose Canada as the home for their post-secondary studies.
universite-mcgill-a-montrealSince 2010, the number of international students choosing Canada has grown by 154%. Restrictions introduced to the American immigration system, and rising unease surrounding the status of newcomers to the United States under the Trump administration, have encouraged more international students to look north to Canada for their studies.
The Canadian government has responded to growing protectionism in America and Europe by making it even easier for international students to join Canada as permanent residents following their studies. With Canadian education and work experience, attainable through the Post-Graduate Work Permit, an international student in Canada will be in a very competitive position to receive an invitation to apply for permanent immigration to the country. These extra points will go towards your Comprehensive Ranking System score in the popular Express Entry immigration system.

The Best Canadian University for You

Each province in Canada boasts a selection of post-secondary institutions of different sizes and specialties. We’ve provided a list of five of the country’s most recognized schools, spread across the country and a brief description of each to help get you started!
  1. University of Toronto (UofT)
    The University of Toronto is likely one of the Canadian schools you have already heard of! Located in the downtown core of Toronto, UofT reports having a population of approximately 20,000 international students. The university is highly regarded for its rigorous scholarship, large student population and location in the heart of Canada’s most populated city. It is the right choice for those interested in living in a bustling and diverse metropolis! Important to note, the reputation and location of UofT attribute to its relatively high tuition and living expenses.
  3. University of British Columbia (UBC)
    UBC is North America’s most international university. Thirty percent of UBC’s student population is international, a total of 16,188 students from 156 countries. Located on Canada’s beautiful west coast, the university is part of busy Vancouver. UBC is an excellent choice for those interested in living in a populated global city, that is also deeply intertwined with the natural environment. Living in Vancouver means easy access to the beautiful outdoors; forest, ocean and mountains. Similar to Toronto, the city of Vancouver experiences relatively high cost of living in the city centre.
  5. McGill University
    Located in Montreal, McGill University is a world-renowned institution with over 12,000 international students enrolled. Although based in the French province of Quebec, McGill is an English university. The city of Montreal has been consistently named one of the best cities to live in as a student, as the cost of housing and living is affordable and arts and culture are alive and vibrant. Note, living in Montreal requires having a good winter coat!
  7. Université de Montreal (UdeM)
    UdeM is one of Canada’s highest ranking universities, and a great option for those interested in studying in French! Located in the city of Montreal, UdeM and its affiliate schools serve 9,500 international students each year and are the leading French educational hub of Quebec
  9. McMaster University
    McMaster is one of the world’s top 100 universities for its rigorous academics and research opportunities. If you’re interested in living near the city of Toronto, but don’t want to pay quite as much in housing expenses, McMaster may be a great option! Located in Hamilton, Ontario, the university is only an hour drive from Toronto and offers more options for living. As well, Hamilton is experiencing a significant job boom in the tech sector, great news for those interested in working during or after their studies!
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