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Tech jobs seeking workers as Canada set to welcome 1 million new immigrants

The Canadian government plans to welcome 1 million new immigrants between 2018 and 2020. This record high number of newcomers are landing in Canada with some of the best economic conditions in decades. As Canada’s economy booms, the tech-sector is struggling to fill open jobs, providing ample opportunities to those immigrants with tech experience.IT-Professionals

Tech Job Openings in Canada

In 2017, nearly 30,000 jobs opened up in Canada’s tech sector. This marks a huge boom in Canada’s tech-industry. The city of Toronto, which happens to be the most popular destination for new immigrants, has recently been hailed as the fastest growing tech-sector in North America.
These tech job openings are due to the strength of the Canadian economy, boasting record lows in unemployment. As well, many experts suspect that as immigration to the United States becomes more difficult, especially for H1-B visa holders, that Canada is emerging as a country much more welcoming to newcomers.

Canada welcomes 1 million new immigrants

About one year ago, Canada announced plans to welcome almost 1 million new immigrants between the years of 2018 and 2020. About 60% of these news immigrants will come through economic pathways designed for skilled workers and their families. These economic immigrants are selected based on their ability to easily integrate into the Canadian workforce, usually indicated by skilled work experience, language proficiency, and high levels of education.

Will these immigrants be able to fill tech jobs?

Many are wondering if Canada’s wave of economic immigrants will be able to fill the open employment positions in the country’s bustling tech sector. Based on the available information, it appears that is exactly what’s happening!
Express Entry is Canada’s largest system for managing immigration applications for skilled workers. In 2017, the top three occupations of immigrants who were invited through Express Entry were tech-related occupations. Those with experience in computer programming, software engineering, and information systems analysis, are well-positioned to immigrate easily and quickly find high-paying jobs in Canada.
The city of Toronto is easily the most popular destination for new immigrants to Canada. Recent data shows that 50% of the workforce in Toronto is made up of immigrants. As the hub of Canada’s tech industry, this is a great sign for newcomers who want to find careers in tech. The Canadian government has even launched new programs in the Toronto region designed to help newcomers enter the labour market more easily.

Are you eligible to apply?

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