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Study In Canada

Canada has a first rate educational system. It is a perfect place for foreign students who are earnestly considering advancing their learning and further honing their skills. Schools in Canada are recognized worldwide for providing a high standard of education where students have access to the best facilities and educators. International Students can also save a lot on tuition. Canadian colleges and universities offer affordable tuition fees and relatively low cost of living compared to other countries such as the United States , Australia and U.K. As a result, Canada has become a popular destination among foreign students.
Canadian Immigration Services Center is your quick-stop-shop for a wealth of information regarding the procedures involved in applying to a Canadian college or university; guidance into selecting the most appropriate educational institution, and most important of all, being informed of the tremendous advantages and benefits associated with being educated in Canada . We help students in realizing their aspiration of pursuing higher education in accredited institutions. We are here to fully support and guide the students in every step of the way from choosing the appropriate schools to fit their needs to the preparation of all required documentation necessary to process their applications for Students' Visas.
StudentsWe assist students in making an informed decision even before toying with the idea of pursuing an education in Canada. This is why you need the help of competent and reliable and caring professionals who can guide and counsel you every step of the way for a nominal fee.
There are only two major steps that you have to undertake in order to get permission or be legally authorized if you are a foreign national who wishes to study in Canada :
  • Be accepted by a recognized Canadian institution which offers the program, course, or training of your choice.
  • Apply for a Student Permit/Visa from The Canadian Immigration Authorities
When submitting an application, you also need to provide the following documents:
  • Acceptance Letter from a Canadian educational institution
  • Proof of funds for school tuition and fees, and to support yourself for the duration of your studies in Canada
  • Application Processing fee to be paid to the Canadian government
If you would like to study in the province of Quebec , first you need to apply to the Quebec Immigration Authorities and obtain a Certificate of Acceptance. After obtaining the Certificate of Acceptance, you need to apply to a Canadian High Commission office for the Student Visa.Applicants going to study in any field in Canada for six months or less should apply for a Temporary Residence Visa and not for a Study Permit.
Please note that getting admission into a University. College or an Institution (a college or university) is not a guarantee to obtaining an authorization to study in Canada . Professional assistance from a highly regarded Immigration Firm can be of valuable assistance but of course, not mandatory. It is YOUR choice.
Make the choice to invest in a dynamic future. Invest in your future, Study in Canada .

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Please feel free to contact us to discuss your various immigration options, visa categories and study opportunities. We will be more than happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Read our privacy policy.
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