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Immigration To Canada From UAE

Canada is an ideal country to settle permanently. If you want to immigrate to Canada from UAE, you can apply for the same through various pathways, i.e. express Entry System, QSWP, PNP etc.UAE_to_Canada
Canada is a wonderful country for immigration and permanent residency. If you are living in UAE at the moment, you may get amazed to see the Cultural diversity, landscape beauty, social security benefits, quality of life, stable residency status, and liberal policies for new immigrants and residents in Canada.The immigration pathways and procedure to immigrate to Canada from UAE are quite organized and hassle free. Let’s take a look on the pathways you can choose to immigrate to Canada from UAE.

What are the pathways to immigrate to Canada from UAE?

You can choose different pathways to move to Canada from UAE, depending on your profile, need, and visa category. A few of the common ways of immigration to Canada from UAE are:
Express Entry System: The federal Express Entry system is one of the fastest point based immigration system of Canada being operated by IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada). It is designed primarily to offer permanent residency to skilled migrants in Canada. It selects the candidates under three main streams:
  • The Federal Skilled Worker Program: This stream is for overseas skilled workers.
  • The Federal Skilled Trades program: This particular stream is for the people involved in technical or skilled trade occupations
  • The Canadian experience class: This category is for the individuals, who are already in Canada on temporary work visa or study permit.
The Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) category is the most popular category among the Canada immigration aspirants from UAE. Let’s find out how you can apply for PR in Canada from UAE through FSW stream of Express Entry. 

How to Apply for PR in Canada from UAE via Express Entry - FSW stream?

You may follow the process below to apply in Express Entry FSW category:
  • Collect the essential documents first, i.e. ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) report from recognized entity and English Proficiency Test result (i.e. IETLS )
  • Find your skill level as per NOC (National Occupational Classification), i.e. Skill type 0, Skill Level A, Skill Level B, etc.
  • Create profile on Express Entry and submit EOI mention your profile details, i.e. age, education, language proficiency level, experience, etc.
  • You need to score minimum 67 points based on the above profile factors
  • The IRCC will review your profile and provide it a definite score as per CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System)
  • You will get the ITA (Invitation to apply) for PR visa in Canada, if your profile is selected by IRCC in any of its fortnightly draws.
  • Apply for the visa within 60 days of the receipt of the invitation.
QSWP Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP): The QSWP is the immigration scheme of Canadian province Quebec. It’s a bilingual province that speaks both French and English. It selects the immigrants for permanent residency, as per its own selection criteria. The key stream it offers are, skilled worker, businessmen and investor, etc. The selected candidates in QSWP gets the CSQ (Quebec Selection Certificate) which make them eligible to apply for PR to IRCC.
Provincial Nominee Programs: The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are the separate immigration schemes of the various provinces and territories of Canada, i.e. BCPNP, AINP, OINP, SINP, etc. Each province selects the immigrants based on its labour market needs and industry requirements. The selected candidates get the nomination certificate from that particular province, where they have applied as immigration aspirant. The nomination from province makes an applicant eligible to apply for PR to IRCC, to live and work in the province he has chosen to apply.

What are the Key Requirements to immigrate to Canada from UAE?

Below are the key requirements of Canada immigration from UAE:
  • ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) Report
  • English Language Proficiency Test with appropriate score
  • Apply online and score the minimum points to qualify based on your age, education, language proficiency, experience, etc.
  • Provide the Health and Character Certifications
  • Meet the basic criteria of the immigration program you are applying to

How to get the key support and assistance to apply for Immigration to Canada from UAE?

Well, if you are looking to immigrate to Canada from UAE, you may seek the inclusive support and assistance from Canadian Center for Immigration Services. Our Immigration consultant shall provide you comprehensive support and assistance to create online profile, gather essential documents, submit profile online, apply for visa, and follow up the application with the immigration authorities.
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